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My mailbox gets flooded with so many videos, letters, voice messages, and email testimonials that it's practically impossible for me to actually store, upload, and display every single testimonial that I've ever received!

All testimonials you see below are genuine testimonials from actual customers who purchased their copy of the Exterminator sports betting system and used it. No payment of any kind was ever made for any of these testimonials, and no free or discounted copy was ever given out in exchange for any testimony. What you see below are all genuine reactions of how users of the Exterminator sports betting system feel about the product after they've purchased it and tried it.

Here's a Sneak Peek of the Raving Reviews People are Flooding into my Inbox about the Exterminator Sports Betting System:

Rodney "Spud" Kulbe's wife Terri Kulbe is stricken with devastating stage 4 advanced breast cancer that has since spread to her liver, neck, and chest. Rodney relies on the Exterminator Betting System as a source of income to help save his wife's life!


Terri Kulbe has suffered through 6 (!!) horrific battles with cancer. She bravely fights on with the help of winnings made from the Exterminator Betting System.

Terri Kulbe Testimonial

Andrej Josić lives in Croatia where little is known about American sports. That didn't stop Andrej from cashing out like a rockstar with the Exterminator Betting System! He says: "I can't believe how good results have been, win after win after win, every bet is like 100% safe!"

Andrej Josić lives in from Croatia where American sports are little-known.

NHL player Mark Desantis says the Exterminator betting system's "results are outstanding! If you follow through with it, you'll see how successful it really is!"

Mark Desantis played professional hockey for 16 years. His talent was so exceptional that the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League signed him to a professional contract right out of his junior year!


Former NCAA Football Player for the Temple Owls Andrew Coleman says "I've had phenomenal success, and I'm really so grateful to have stumbled across this betting system!...It has absolutely been an amazing journey!..."With the betting system, you will have fun, and you'll have all the money you'll need to do anything you desire to live a great lifestyle!"

Andrew Coleman played Division 1 NCAA Football for the Temple Owls. He has been a part of my betting system since the year 2008. He sent me this heartfelt video below in 2015, after 8 years of using my program to testify to the bewildering success he has enjoyed with my betting system!

A catastrophic hunting accident left Brent Forsman paralyzed. Now, he relies on betting along with my Exterminator betting system as the source of his income. He says: "I've tripled my bankroll with the Exterminator system!...The proven results speak for themselves!"

While climbing a tree during hunting, one of Brent Forsman's steps gave away while he was 18 feet in the air. His catastrophic fall resulted in a brutal broken back that's left him paralyzed, and flooded in hopeless medical bills.

Mark McSherry's horrendous divorce left him without his home, kids, and job. As his health severely deteriorated, he became devastated into depression, and relies on my Exterminator Betting System to help him get back on his feet. He says: "I could not believe my eyes!...I couldn't believe how astonishing the results are!"

Mark McSherry's medications for his unrelenting depression after he lost his home, kids, and job to a nasty divorce.

Update! 2 years later, Mark McSherry sends me yet another testimonial to attest just how well the Exterminator system continues to serve him:


Celebrated author Kim Hastings says: "Your systems are delightful. I have won many hundreds of dollars through my use of them!"

Kim Hastings is a respected published author with five novels to his name. His third novel, "Angel of Mercy," charted in the Amazon adult contemporary inspirational fiction category in the prestigious #7 spot.

Update! 2 years later, Kim sends me a new update on how much he continues profiting from the Exterminator system:

Chief Operating Officer of Weiser Security Leonard Kline says: "The Exterminator system is terrific!"

Decorated army veteran William McDougal says: "I have enjoyed all the wins these systems have given me!"

Throughout his honorable career, William Mcdougal was awarded with the prestigious National Defense Service Medal, SouthWest Asia Service Medal, and Humanitarian Service Medal.

Award-winning pianist Scott Henderson says: "I started with a bankroll of $75 and I managed to make a profit of almost $600 this season alone thanks to Tony's system!"

Scott Henderson is an award-winning, nationally-celebrated pianist from Australia who has earned numerous accolades for his remarkable performances throughout his career.

Senior citizen David Denman says:

David Denman is a senior citizen who uses the Exterminator system as a source of income for his advance years.

Regional leader of Hollytex Eric Nunes says:

Eric Nunes is a respected regional leader of Hollytex

Garrett Thomas, national champion of the Senior Olympics, says:

Garrett Thomas is the national champion of the 2007 Senior Olympics

Multimillionaire Greg Gallert says:

Greg Gallert is has taken a $3 Million a year company to making $24 Million a year!

Jelili Makinde from Nigeria says:

Jelili Makinde lives in Nigeria, a country where citizens have almost no knowledge about American sports

Head coach of the year Nate Rich says:

Nate Rich is a head coach who has won the coveted Coach of the Year award for his success with the Eagles basketball team

Rod Kulbe's wife was diagnosed with cancer. He relies on the Exterminator system to pay for his wife's medical expenses:

Rod's wife is stricken by cancer. He's been using the Exterminator system to help save his wife's life.

Teacher of the Year Roshan Shah says:

Roshan Shah has won the teacher of the year award 17 times out of his 20 years in teaching. He has sent students to some of the top universities in the world.

Severin Lewandowski suffered debilitating strokes that left him with brain injuries for life. He relies on the Exterminator system as his source of income:

Severin Lewandowski's devastating strokes have left him permanently blind and brain injured.

Decorated army vet William McDougal says:

William Mcdougal's storied career in the armed service has won him the National Defense Service Medal, SouthWest Asia Service Medal, and Humanitarian Service Medal







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